SelfControl Privacy Policy

Since version 4.0, SelfControl can collect data in two instances:

  1. Anonymized system data, sent regularly while checking for updates. This includes high-level data about your system hardware (CPU, RAM, etc), macOS version, SelfControl version, and system locale. No identifying data is ever sent, and the data is only viewed in aggregate. We use this data to inform which system versions to support for future updates.
  2. Anonymized error reports, sent in the event of an error or crash (using Sentry). The data sent may include your SelfControl settings (including block duration and type), but will not include your blocklist, or any identifying details about you. We use this data to track down and fix bugs.

You can disable both types of data collection by just unchecking the relevant boxes in SelfControl preferences. There are no negative effects for you and the app will still work fine.

Personal data (i.e. anything that can be tied to an individual) is never collected.

Before version 4.0, SelfControl did not collect any data at all.